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Why are WordPress Plugins Necessary for your Website?

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If you are a beginner and started trying to build a website in WordPress, you have surely noticed that plugins are a part of WordPress. But you might ask why plugins are so important? What are the most necessary plugins? How to install plugins?

So here I am going to describe those questions of yours and after reading this full article, you will have the brief knowledge about plugins.

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First, let’s know what a plugin is. A plugin is a small program and it contains a collection of functions programmed by a company or an individual and it can be installed to any website which is created with WordPress. And by installing these WordPress plugins you can get extra features and functionalities to your websites which can help you do a specific task which you couldn’t do by default. And that is why plugins are an important feature of WordPress. There are an uncountable amount of WordPress plugins available in WordPress ready to be installed. To access to your plugins section, you must log in to your WordPress as an administrator. After logging in, from the plugins section you can install, uninstall, activate or deactivate the plugins that you need. And to search plugins, you can use the search options from the WordPress library and easily find the plugin that you need.

So why do we need plugins? We need plugins to extend our WordPress website features and functionalities. And plugins are short programs which contain a collection of code that adds or extends a specific functionality to your website. If you have the programming knowledge, you can write your own code and build your own plugin or else you can just use plugins created by others.

So WordPress is just a platform by which you can create your website but to add advanced features and functionalities, you need plugins for that and different plugins represent different functionalities. So you have the freedom to add the specific functionality to your website which you need. That is why WordPress is very flexible to use and you can build a very perfect website using WordPress.

Some of the most popular plugins are given below as an example for your better understanding:

All in one SEO pack

All in one SEO pack is probably the most popular WordPress plugin of them all. It is an SEO plugin and SEO helps your website to rank higher in the search engines. But all in one SEO is not for just improving your website ranking but there are many more features you will get with the All in one SEO plugin like the Google Analytics and the Google AMP support. It can also generate meta tags for you automatically.

The built-in API will allow other themes or plugins to access it and add custom features and functionalities. It can also optimize your post titles to search engines automatically and it is the only free plugin to provide SEO integration to any types of e-commerce platform like WooCoomerce.


URL Shortner by MyThemeShop

Long URL’s can be very annoying to use in different posts and it decreases the beauty of your posts but you may be tired to short your URL’s using third-party tools or software. In this case, URL Shortener is the perfect plugin you are looking for because by using this great WordPress plugin, you will be able to do this job directly from your domain. It is the best plugin for them who posts their blogs or articles or writings to social media because it creates a shorter version of your long URL and you can share the shorter version of your URL to different pages and social media and it will redirect you to the long URL. It is a must because long URL’s are difficult to remember and decreases the professionalism of your post. So URL shortener creates short and rememberable links which are very useful. It is also very easy to set up and can be installed and get running in minutes. So you do not need any third party tools anymore and you can do it right from your domain when it comes to URL shortening.


Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular and oldest WordPress plugin and also it’s probably the most used plugin in WordPress. It is such a plugin which can manage multiple contact forms and it will also let you customize the form and the mail contents. It is very simple to use and to use it first you will need to install the Contact Form 7 plugin, create a new form with Contact Form 7 or you can insert contact forms into your website.

By installing Contact Form 7 plugin, along with creating and managing multiple contact forms, you will also be able to customize form fields, alter mail contents by using markups, insert forms, third-party extinctions for adding functionalities and more.  It is very easy to set up with your WordPress website and to do so you will have to visit the plugins section and from there you need to select the Add Plugin option and after that, you can search for the Contact Form 7 plugin and install it to your WordPress within minutes.


Google Analytics

To add analytics to your website, you do not need to hire any developer anymore because, with the help of the Google Analytics plugin, you can do it right from your WordPress domain. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights will allow you to make a connection with Google Analytics to your WordPress website and you will be able to keep a track of your visitors, how they use your website and much more. It is a statistical tool for understanding website traffic.

Moreover, this plugin will allow you to monitor various real-time statistics related to your website. You can track the views of the users as well as the type of devices they are using. So Google Analytics is a must to use with your WordPress website.

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