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Phrase of the day in French: with out losing time

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As a result of I must know it’s not a joke?

When you have ever wished to be shocked, skeptical or sarcastic in English, you want to know this expression.

It’s a casual or colloquial interjection that you should utilize in your conversations.

What does it imply

The phrase actually interprets as & # 39; sin (with out) play the idiot & # 39;messing), or "with out meaningless phrases" & # 39; or & # 39; no jokes & # 39;

The which means of it’s not a joke, usually shortened to with out dic in additional casual conditions, It has so much to do with an excellent translation is "no kidding", which might additionally change the which means.

A method to make use of it’s not a joke means "critically" or "I don’t joke" while you wish to emphasize some extent. For instance, might you say, No joke, I like this factor, actually. (Severely, I liked it).

You may also use with out dic Does it imply "actually?" or "no means!" when one thing surprises you or somewhat skeptical about one thing. Used on this means, it’s usually a response to a different assertion, for instance,I received 10,000 euros final month. – With out dec & # 39 ;? (Did I win 10,000 euros final month? – Actually? / No means)

On this instance utilizing with out dic To indicate shock or skepticism, all of it comes all the way down to how it’s mentioned, so be sure you take note of intonation, facial expressions and gestures while you hear this phrase or wish to use it your self.

A 3rd means to make use of it’s not a joke It’s a sarcastic response to somebody who manifests the apparent. Think about saying "don’t joke" with a heavy white eye or take into consideration how "duh" was used within the 90s and you’ll have an thought of ​​how you would say it. And right here is an instance: -Rains. – with out dec. (It's raining. – No kidding.)

Though this expression is utilized by younger folks in France, it’s not acceptable for all conditions. messing It's a smooth phrase of swearing.

Some synonyms to make use of if they’re in a extra educated firm are frankly (which continues to be casual however not troublesome, and interprets as "completely" or "actually?"), Severely (& # 39; No joke & # 39;) gold with out laughing (& # 39; With out laughing & # 39;)

How can I exploit with out dic?

With out dec! It’s true

No kidding. Wait, is that true?

It’s not a joke? Did you get this shirt for € 10?

Severely, do you could have that shirt for € 10?

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