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French phrase of the day: superior

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As we speak's phrase is used fairly often in its literal sense, so it’s higher to learn it.

As a result of I have to know nice?

nice It's a typical phrase that has nothing to do with the nice English phrase. You’ll hear it on a regular basis in a dialog, however it’s a method of utilizing it in its literal sense.

So, what does it imply?

cool actually means "brilliant" as in "genius" (for instance: This mathematician is nice. & # 39; This mathematician is a genius & # 39;).

However it’s also rather more than that. Within the French dialog, nice It will probably imply "large", "superior" & # 39; or & # 39; fanstastic & # 39; or something constructive in precisely the identical method as & # 39; brilliant & # 39; It has been utilized in English.

How do I take advantage of it?

nice It's an adjective, so you should utilize it to qualify. nice.

For instance:

This trainer is nice! – & # 39; This trainer is nice! & # 39;

We had a good time. – & # 39; We had a tremendous trip & # 39;

However in conversational French, nice It will also be used as an exclamation, once more, similar to & # 39; nice & # 39; or & # 39; nice & # 39; It’s utilized in English.

If you need, I can lend you my automotive.


& # 39;If you need, you possibly can lend me my automotive. & # 39;

& # 39; Nice! & # 39;


Cool! The washer is working once more! & # 39;Unbelievable, the washer is working once more!

Different makes use of

You might also have heard nice getting used with don’t In entrance of her It's not nice which implies "it's not nice" Actually nice It’s used on this method.

For instance:

How are your mother and father

It's not nice

& # 39; How are your mother and father?

It's not nice


It was not nice to go away the bar with out paying.

It was dangerous sufficient to go away the bar with out paying.


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