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Best WordPress Email Templates for your Business

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An email template is basically an HTML file which defines the structure of an email you can use instead of rewriting the entire email again and again. So by using an email template, you can just add custom images and links to existing emails and your emails will get ready that easily. It will reduce your effort in creating emails and you can invest your time in the technical part of your project. If you try to build an email campaign from scratch every time, then there’s a good chance that you might make some mistakes in your code which will kill your valuable time.

But if you have an email template, you can just reuse your already created emails and change some of the specific parts and contents of those emails and use them easily. Here are some of the best emails templates for you which you need to check out.





Koble is the current best multipurpose template which can cover any email or newsletter types. So if you are looking for a WordPress template for email and newsletter, you should obviously pick up this all-time best email template. It is impressive because it contains more than two hundred unique modules from 28 templates which are guaranteed to save your cost up to three hundred dollars. So you are getting a variety of layout options which you can use to any of your pages while building them. It has the compatibility with all the major email service providers like the MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Mailster, Active Campaign, FreshMail, iContact, StampReady, Vertical Response and much more.

And you do not need to switch from one app to another because you can get everything in one place which will help you to increase your productivity. The new update has also included some exclusive features including more than 4 unique templates, 41 modules for container layouts, support of the Gmail app etc. Moreover, you will get about 8 notification layouts.






Multimail is a multipurpose and fully responsive email template set and has most of the major client mail support. It is the best selling email template having more than 16 multi-purpose templates and 207 unique modules by which you can implement and build any ideas that you want. It is compatible with the best email providers like MailChimp, Campain Monitor, Freshmail, iContact, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Aweber, Mad mimi and many more which will increase your possibilities in this field. The page builder features drag & drop feature by which you can just drag the element you want to use and drop them in your page and your page will be ready that fast. This gives you the freedom to create unlimited pages using different layout styles.

With the unlimited colors, it has never been easier to change the colors of your page and you can do that with the color picker tool. After completing, you can either export your HTML file to the desktop as a regular HTML file or else you can send it directly to mailchimp via the mailchimp API.






If you are looking for an email template with email builder, you can choose Miley because Miley is a minimal and fully responsive email template having an online email builder. It is compatible with Mailster by which you can build and send newsletters along with emails which is its exciting feature. Miley covers almost all the major email service providers including Mailchimp, mailster, freshmail, campain monitor and much more which makes it very professional. You can create a beautiful newsletter by using more than 30 pre-given demos and also can customize them fully by using the page builder. So you can be the designer of your own website and implement your ideas and thinking into a beautiful website.

Its multiple grid layouts have different grid options to be used like the single column layout, Masonry grid, Double column layout, Metro grid, full column grid etc. Notification emails are also available with Miley by which, notifications can be given by emails. Also, the special cards are very unique to announce and focus your important news or topics.





Kant is an email template which is fully responsive and it is suitable for any startup companies having a very professional and elegant look having all the features and functionalities for an email template. It will allow you to create unique and professional looking emails by its exciting design toolkit. Because of its responsiveness, you can create stunning responsive emails having unique navigation features. You can promote your works or your products very professionally by using the built-in portfolio or product grid. It is compatible with over 30 email providers and it is tested with Email on Acid. It is built with the Pine Email Framework having 12 column grids, custom mobile tracking etc.

More than 5 PSD files, standalone HTML version, Mailster version, Mailchimp version, StampReady version, Campaign monitor version, and Shopify versions are included with this email template which will allow you to build creative responsive emails. Also, about 17 notification emails are available with Kant, by which you can send notifications by using emails. More than 50 sections, 10 pre-built marketing templates and 4 notification templates are available for each of the versions.






Minilam is a responsive email template for building any startup business, multipurpose fashion, and responsive e-commerce email. Its elegant design will impress you at first glance. It has more than 100 modules which are compatible with the top listed email service providers like the MailChimp, Stampready, Campaign monitor and more. 10 more pre-made templates are also available with Minilam which is based on those 100 modules which will help you to build your own responsive email templates. And by using the modules composer, you can use these modules to create hundreds of combinations of templates which will help to focus your business.

Drag & drop modules will help you to create your template by just dragging and dropping the elements of your choice and those will be instantly added to your page. So you just need to select the module you are interested in and after you complete building your templates, you can save them to your desktop and can directly use in Mailchimp, Campaign monitor or Stampready.


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