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Best Web Hosting and WHMCS Templates

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The need of whmcs template for professional hosting site is in the rise so the developers are also getting more and more interested for building professional web hosting site with the use of different modern approaches like the HTML5.


At first thought, some might think it is a complex process and others might not take it seriously for a profession. But currently it is a very demanding topic with bright future and with the help of the modern tools for development; you’ll find out that you also can be very successful in this area if you have the passion. But you also need to keep in mind that it is not just the designing, but when it comes to the topic of web hosting, you need to have the creativity and passion inside you for such a thing.

“ Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, the way we live and what is happening.”

-Jesscia Anderson

Jesscia Anderson

It is challenging because you have to make it look very attractive and impress the customer with the design and also you need to offer a high range of functionalities. If the design is attractive but it doesn’t have the necessary functionalities, then nobody’s going to like it. On the other hand, if it offers maximum functionalities but the design looks poor then people will also dislike it. So both the design and the functionalities inside are very important. And the flexible hosting templates make everything sorted to you for building a professional and unique web page.

These HTML web hosting templates cover the designs from simple to advanced level and some of them also come with default layouts to choose from. And thus by using the templates, it becomes very easier to design it and link it to the WHMCS platform.

These HTML web hosting templates cover all the types of hosting wanted like shared, VPS or dedicated etc. So you must try these templates to increase the reputation of your company. Here is a list of some of the best web hosting templates available right now!



HostWHMCS whmcs theme

HostWHMCS whmcs theme

HOSTWHMCS is a web hosting website template with a premium look having advanced features. No matter what kind of hosting or domain business you are planning, it can cover them all. So you don’t have to worry about any specific thing. themelooks are offering you this premium whmcs template by which you’ll be able to control your business from the palm of your hand.

Its fully responsive feature makes its users able to use it from any kind of devices rather than a computer and the use of the latest version of HTML and bootstrap makes it more advanced and secure. You will also be able to easily customize and update the theme by your personal requirements without any kind of coding knowledge which is a great feature to get.

It is also the best-selling template for us with a top number of sales having a very reasonable price.  So if you are looking for a quality template for your domain or hosting business, HOSTWHMCS is the right choice for you with 6 months of support from us including all the future updates.



For those of you who are looking for a template with multipurpose technology, GREENSSD is definitely the best choice for you.  To build a safe and solid base for your hosting business, you can’t get anything better than this. With this HTML5 professional web hosting template, you’ll be able to reach to the limit which you could never do before.

It is very well documented with responsive layouts and gorgeous design which takes it to the top of its market.  With the availability of RTL version, you will be able to write any types of language and you can use up to four custom sliders of your choice which will make it just what you are expecting. So it will make you totally unbeatable in the hosting market!

It also features a working domain checker, working login page and live chat widget for the purpose of a swift customer support. It is retina display ready and compatible with all the browsers which are on top.



If you are expecting for a responsive HTML5 web hosting template by which you will be able to work with all kinds of domain and hosting business, then OrDomain is the product which is capable to fulfill all your expectations. OrDomain is the answer to a professional looking and rich in functionalities web hosting template.

It is a totally ready to use product from right out of the box for everyone who is expecting for a quick start. Its innovative UI and advanced functionalities have taken it to the next level. You can easily customize it by your needs with some simple steps to represent your brand perfectly. You cannot but get impressed by the uniqueness of this template.

In such an affordable price, you just simply cannot get any better than this and no one will be able to stop you from getting a boost in your business with the help of OrDomain.


CloudServer is such a template which will definitely take you to your goal if you are planning for a hosting business. It will give you a professional start to your business with all its rich facilities. It is also very rich when it comes to the user interface because it has a total of 10 default color with color switcher from which you can select any.

It’s based on the latest version of bootstrap and it also supports the latest version of WHMCS. It is very well documented and it includes responsive layouts and Google fonts. So you don’t have to plan anything because this template is capable of handling all types of hosting business very professionally. So you will be able to rule the internet world with this fantastic template.

In case you get confused about what will happen if you face any problem, you can contact with us right away because we will offer you up to 6 months of support and you will also get all the future updates right after their releases.



CryptoCloud is a template based on HTML5 which covers both domain and hosting business in one place within a very reasonable price. So if you are someone who is planning to invest less but gain more, then CryptoCloud can help to do it for you. So within a very reasonable price, you can have a professional domain and hosting service and a professional website experience. It is designed for all kinds of Technology related Domain and Hosting Business.

Bootstrap v4 based codes have made it more reliable and it is capable of supporting the latest WHMCS version. It is Retina Ready with multiple HTML pages including a fully responsive design which means it can be accessed from any kind of devices. It has a Default version, an RTL version, and a WHMCS version.

If also has some other exciting features like the retina display, 3homepage versions, cross-browser compatibility, W3 validated code etc. After the purchase, you’ll get lifetime updates of the product from us.


Great design, endless features, strong support, responsiveness, BNSCloud just doesn’t stop giving you exactly what you need. Three different versions and two different home pages and also twelve more HTML pages have made it supreme. So your website will be exceptional and also attractive. It has an exclusive demo for you by which you will be able to know more about and make your decision before you make a purchase.

The default ten color versions, domain, and login forms represent its uniqueness. You don’t have to worry if you are very new to this sector because with the help of this template you will be able to act like a professional. Based on the latest Bootstrap framework and the latest HTML5, you will be very confident and you’ll be able to do such things which were unthinkable before.


Every user cannot but get impressed by the grand web hosting template which is CloudSky. If you are thinking it as just a hosting template then you are very wrong because its multipurpose features make it a domain, hosting and WHMCS template. So in this price range, no other products can have such facilities.

With a start with CloudSky, you will get a solid domain and hosting solution for you. It is for that type of companies who considers the essentials first and plans for a boost start. It can play a good role in any technology related domain and hosting business. It has a good range of features with an unbeatable support. Lifetime updates and 6 months of constant support is what you will get even after the purchase. We generally try to respond within a business day so we are very serious about customer support.

RTL version and WHMCS templates are included with default ten different colors with working domain & login forms and responsiveness makes it an unbeatable product in the current market.


Technology has a great effect on business operations. It affects the ability of an organization to communicate with customers. SSDCloud is a technology business template with multiple functions of hosting with WHMCS. So it is designed in such a way that can maintain all kinds of technology domain and hosting business.

It can be used without any coding knowledge because it is built in a way that anyone can edit or update this plugin. It is also compatible with any latest browser which is a plus point. It is well documented with responsive layouts and high-resolution user interface. It is a fully automated system which will reduce manual and non-technological processes and will keep you updated with the modern technology.

The modern and clean design, responsiveness, Modern Cross browser usability, working login page, live chat widget etc. have made it more special.

To check out more premium web hosting WHMCS themes, you can visit ThemeLooks and they are a professional WHMCS WordPress theme and HTML5 template developer company who provides mind-blowing web hosting WordPress themes and templates.

You can check out more from to get an impressive collection of modern WordPress whmcs theme and templates for your website.


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