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Best Responsive HTML5 Admin Dashboard Template

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To build a web project firstly you need to make a plan and then collect necessary elements and finally start developing. So you need to keep a track of your entire project from the very beginning which becomes a bit difficult to do. You will also need different analytics, UI and UX elements, different graphs etc.  So to keep a record of all these things at one place, Admin Dashboard Template is a must for you. it has all the pre-built features and functionalities to do these type of tasks more professionally and it will definitely decrease your extra efforts of doing the job manually.

It has all the elements pre-included into it so you don’t have to build an admin dashboard by yourself. You can just choose a good admin dashboard template which matches you the best and these are available over the internet. After selecting your dashboard, you just need to integrate your project with it and you can get all your desired information through the admin dashboard. You will also have the option to keep a control of all the things at one place which will save your time as well as cost. Here are some of the best admin dashboard templates for you which you can check out and use with your project:





Metronic is the best selling HTML5 admin dashboard template which comes with modern design and exclusive features. It is a template by which you can build any admin UI within a very short time saving a lot of costs. Metronic is very clean and well structured and its code structure is also up to the mark. It is also fully customizable and suites perfect for all types of developers. It supports the RTL which is the right to left version. With the exclusive layout builder, you can set up your layout very quickly in a variety of options. And when customizing the layouts, you can view them in real time which will help you to make your decision more accurately. The multiple demos will give you the freedom to choose from a good collection which matches your site the best and even after choosing the demo, you can customize it totally to make it more perfect.






Fuse is a material design HTML admin template which comes in three versions and they are the Angular 6+, Angular JS & Bootstrap 4. By choosing this theme you can create amazing HTML admin templates for any kind of websites and you can track your site activity including tracking the activity of the visitors. First, to talk about the Angular 6+ version, it has built-in AOT compiler support and its main features are it includes the Angular Material and Google Material Design. It also has out of the box applications like the calendar app, e-commerce, mail, chat, file manager, contacts app. The Angular 6 version also features pages like the Authentication, Coming soon, Error pages, Invoices, Maintenance, and Profile etc. Its layouts are configurable. It supports all of the modern browsers. The Angular JS version features Angular and Google Material Design, Multi Language support and 21 PSD files are also included with it.  Calender, E-commerce, Mail, Chat, File Manager, Contacts, Notes etc. are the built-in application it includes out of the box.






Pages is an admin dashboard template which is simple, easy to use and very fast when it comes to building website user-interfaces for you if you are an individual or a business organization. The user-interface comes with hundreds of amazing as well as customizable features. You can also customize the layouts and build your own and can use them to create different pages. Its clean, innovative and fully responsive layouts will automatically make you feel impressed. The code is written in a very developer friendly way which is easy to understand and customize. Angular 5+ is pre-ready with this template which will give you all its features and advantages. It is based on the Bootstrap 4 Framework and jQuery 3.2.1 which ensures its build quality. A number of 6 different color themes are available with it which can give you the variation you are looking for.






Dore is an awesome and fully responsive admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap and jQuery. It is such a template which has the combination of simple but attractive design and quality code. It has a very powerful admin panel by which you can do more than you think. You will have the total control of your page from keeping a record of all your projects and other works as well as you can track the activity of your visitors which is great. The design is very nice because of the color combinations and great unique layouts. Different charts are available with this theme which you can use to show the ups and downs of your sales or business growth or any business related matters very uniquely. The smart menu included with this theme has two attractive panels and one is the main panel and the other is the sub panel. Different categorized pages are also available with this template.






If you are looking for a professional HTML admin dashboard template for your website which is responsive, uniquely designed, powerful and fully customizable then look no further than Limitless. It is impressive because of the new features and components. More than 30 built-in and updated plugins are available with this template and more than 20 pages can be used with all the new layouts. It is well known for its flexibility and clean design. It is based on Bootstrap with hundreds of features which will give you unlimited possibilities to build creative pages with your own unique layouts. With the five flexible and powerful layouts, there’s nothing you cannot build. Each of the layout and components can be adapted to tablets and mobile devices because of its responsive design. The liquid and box layouts are also eye-catching and very useful.



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